1)      Please drop of your son and proceed to the field and stay 6-10ft apart from each other while waiting to start.

  1. As a parent please if you can just drop off your son and let him walk out to the field.  If you are staying please stay in the car and if you need to come to the field, please stay away from the dugouts and the field and social distance. No gathering of parents by the field.   We did a great job of this the first night, but the other organization didn’t which caused several conversations with Maryville’s staff that first night.  We want to be respectful of their rules and learn from their mistakes.
  2. We are allowing 15 minute increments between practices to eliminate the amount of people at the field at one time.

2)      Player will have their own separate area for their bags.  Please remind them to just go to their bag and use their own equipment

  1. All players, must have their own bats ( metal and wooden if you have both) batting gloves, helmets, water bottles, towels.  Please not sharing of equipment
  2. DRINK WATER:  Please make sure the kids are hydrated before practice and they have their own water bottles.  We will give them plenty of breaks to get water during the practice. We don’t want anyone passing out because of hydration.
  3. Bring a mask.  Players will not be practicing with a mask.  But we want them all to have them when they are not practicing.  Again following the guide lines of Maryville Academy.
  4. Each team has a sanitation bucket, but as coaches we are not able to keep the dugout and equipment 100% clean at all times.  Please have the boys put hand sanitizer in their bags and remind them to wash their hands if they need to during their water breaks.

3)      Practice uniform

  1. Royal blue and white hat ( Same hat they wore in the winter)
  2. Royal blue practice top[
  3. Royal blue soaks and belt
  4. Grey pants

4)      Teamsnap.

  1. All players/ parents need to update teamsnap Availability.  Because of the guidelines of small groups, we are planning practices based on small individual groups of 4-6 player per coach to eliminate the amount of people in gatherings.  We are using the availability page on the teamsnap to organize groups prior to practice.  So please fill this out so the coach knows who’s coming and we can plan accordingly.
  2. Please have this updated 2 hours before practice at the latest.  Thank you.

As coaches we have learned a lot from the first practice and the expectations from Maryville and what they want from us as an organization.  We did a good job on Tuesday but we will do a better job today and every practice going forward.  It’s extremely important that we follow their guidelines as this is our home field all season long and we don’t want to create any additional drama or stress or friction for the program, teams, players, coaches and Parents.

Please also make sure the boys are mentally and physically ready to participate in practice.  We are going to be going over a lot of defense drills and baseball situations over the next 3 weeks and we need everyone locked in and focused so we can position ourselves as best as we can when games start.

Thank you all for all your sacrifice and dedication to the Program and your sons.  It’s going to be a fun season.


-Revolution Baseball Staff